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Welcome to the Adventure World Wiki!

Zynga has just released its newest game. Adventure World. You will be traveling through Mexico in the search of El Dorado.

El Dorado Quests - Check it out!

More Collections Added - 10/16/11

Poacher Peak Quests - 10/17/11

Expedition Pages Created - 10/22/11

Future Updates - Homepage, Quests, Expedition fixes, And More!

Spoiler Warning
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Official Fan Page
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Official Blog

The Fun-tastic Fiesta Event! - SilverGrass - 2022/05/04 13:05

Pinata Maker Pabla and Mariachi Marco are siblings who love traveling the world and telling people stories about their culture. Everyone is excited as they visit your farm just in time for one of Mexi...

Petal Paradise - SilverGrass - 2022/05/02 12:16

Fiona Flowers has just moved to FarmVille with dreams of running a new flower boutique. Help her rent the gallery and give her the inside scoop on what blooms would beguile the locals! The feature wil...

Eggward’s Egg Party - SilverGrass - 2022/04/12 13:02

Eggward the Egg Mascot along with his buddies Coco Bunny and Chocolatier Cindy are here to celebrate Easter on your farm. Help Eggward and your farmhands set up the grandest and sweetest easter party...

Koi Pond - SilverGrass - 2022/03/31 15:00

A large school of Koi Fish has been spotted at the Appaloosa River, which is a great opportunity! A Koi Fish Aquarium is not only beautiful but also very educational for the kids! But putting together...

Cakes, Candles and Fun - SilverGrass - 2022/03/31 05:36

Ready for a thrilling event? The entire Farm is gearing up to celebrate its 8th birthday and Mayoress Margaret has asked the celebrity event organizer, Miss Melisa, to organize the most awaited annive...
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