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Cave of Montezuma[]

On September 27th Zynga released a new Expedition in Adventure World. It is called Cave of Montezuma. You will have to finish 3 Quests to complete the Expedition. Those Quests are coming soon!


The beasts on this map are spiders but they have less than 4HP and are easily defeated. There is one secret location on this map (south west).


Quest Goals Rewards
XFeatherBlue.png Recover the Blue Feather 125 XP
XFeatherGreen.png Recover the Green Feather
XFeatherRed.png Recover the Red Feather
XMontezumasHeaddress.png Recover the Headdress

Quest Goals Rewards
XSpider.png Defeat Spiders 50 XP
XCavernSpidernest.png Clear Spider Webs
Ask Friends for Bat Houses
Place Bat Houses on Gnarles Trees

Quest Goals Rewards
XMesoSimonPuzzle.png Solve the First Puzzle 50 XP
XMesoSimonPuzzle.png Solve the Second Puzzle
XMesoSimonPuzzle.png Solve the Third Puzzle


Mastery Quests Time Allowed Rewards
XExpeditionMastery1.png 3 3 Days

150 Gold

2 Fuel


250 Gold

4 Fuel


350 Gold

6 Fuel


500 Gold

10 Fuel



15 Fuel