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Dynamite Expert Challenge[]

Demolition Expert Challenge

This Challenge started on January 24th 2012 for a duration of 7 days. This time you need to blow up as many Dynamite Rocks as you can. The trick is to find easily accessible Dynamite Rocks without wasting too much energy since Dock Worker Challenge is till running.

At the West Pole Adventure Dynamite Rocks look like giant crystals, not like rocks. But they still count.

Expedition Dynamite Rocks
Treasure Trail 0
Path of the Pyramids 2
Skyward Bound 2
Gallery of the Sky 0
Eyrie of the General 0
Snake Marsh 0
Jungle Run 0
Cave of Montezuma 0
Scientific Survey 2
The Elusive Ocelot 2+1(SL)
Mountain Pass 0
The Haunted Village 1
Creepy Crypt 3
Hallowed Halls 0
Trail of Fire 1
Great River 0
Mountain Chase 0
Monkey Mountain 1
Safari Showdown 1
Temple of the Mask 0
The Great Stampede 0
The Jungle Hunt 0
Last Stand 3
The Cave of Doom 0
Ram Runner 0
The Crash Site 0
The Snake Den 0
Native Negotiations 0
Radio Tower 1
Poacher Problems! 0
Danger Mine 1
Poacher Peak 2
Quaking Mine 1
Poacher Ploy 2
Lost Children 0
Crater 1
Mountain of Madness 2
Cracks of Gloom 1
Golden Tower 0
Cave of Skulls 0
Painted Volcano
The Gauntlet 1
Jungle Approach 0(+?)

Expedition Dynamite Rocks
The Cookie Caper 0
Balloon Business 1
The List 2
Snowy Forest 0
Arctic Ascent 4
The Frozen Courtyard 3
Temple of Nickolas 1+1
Holiday Escape 6

Dock Worker Challenge[]

On sunday January 22th 2012 another challenge started this time to collect Supplies. Supplies can be collected in different ways: using Supply Boats, Using Supply Drops, visiting neighbours and

Dock Worker Challenge

helping their Supply Boats and Supply Drops and using Flare Guns. Also Mystery Boxes are know to drop Supplies now and then. Another way is sending supplies via Free Gifts (up to 15) to friends and hoping they send them back.

Supply Drops (if completely leveled up) give 1000 Supplies every 24hrs. Flare Guns cost 2500 Coins and drop a Supply Crate containing 75 Supplies but it costs an energy point to open these crates. Therefore Flare Guns aren't an option. The fastest way is using Supply Boats: 100 Coins and one energy points every 5 minutes using all 6 Supply Boats means 150 Supplies every 5 minutes. However you'll run out of energy pretty soon. Visiting your neighbour will result in 40 Supplies maximum (Supply Drop + 4 x Supply Boats = 20 + 4 x 5 = 40) or minimum 25 Supplies if the person doesn't have a Supply Drop (5 x Supply Boats = 5 x 5 = 25).