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Frozen Courtyard is the fifth installment in the West Pole series. You need to complete the four previous ones to be able to do this one. The entire map is in a Christmas/Winter atmosphere with Snow Rams, Ornaments and snowy Rocks. The enemies are Snow Rams level 17 and 16HP and Ice Snakes level 17 and 12HP. There are two secret locations (far east and far west) and for both are rusty keys needed.


Supplies 250
Food 3
Fuel 3
Water 3


Oh, Deer! (200XP)

  • Ask for 12 Frozen Oats
  • Use 4 Reindeer Statues to feed them Frozen Oats
  • Use Temple of Nickolas Door to Enter

Cold Collecting (100XP)

  • Ask for 12 Prof. McGillicuddy's Cold Resistant Sample Bags
  • Collect 6 Ice Snake Scales
  • Collect 6 Snow Bush Berries

Better to give than receive (100XP)

  • Push a present block to the first curiously short statue
  • Push a present block to the second curiously short statue
  • Push a present block to the third curiously short statue
  • Push a present block to the fourth curiously short statue



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses

Frozen Courtyard

5 Days N/A


Stars1.png 2400 XCoin.png|5 XOilNoBack.png

Stars2.png 2800 XCoin.png|8 XOilNoBack.png

Stars3.png 3600 XCoin.png|12 XOilNoBack.png

Stars4.png 4400 XCoin.png|15 XOilNoBack.png

Stars5.png 5600 XCoin.png|20 XOilNoBack.png

Stars1.png ? XCoin.png

Stars2.png ? XCoin.png

Stars3.png ? XCoin.png

Stars4.png ? XCoin.png

Stars5.png ? XCoin.png