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Great RiverEdit

On September 28th Zynga released a new Expedition in Adventure World. It is called Great River. You will have to finish 3 Quests to complete the Expedition. This is part of the Indiana Jones Series


Quests Edit

Gather a Rubbing Goals Rewards
XCottonPlant Collect Cotton

XXP 75 Experience

XThorns Collect Vines
XExpedBrokenBridge Repair Bridges
No Image Take a Rubbing of the Standing Stone

Llama Research? Goals Rewards
XHay Gather Hay XXP 35 Experience
XShavingCream Ask for Shaving Cream
Shave Llama Use the LLamas to apply the Shaving Cream
Shave Llama USe Llamas to Shave

Grapple to the Summit

Goals Rewards
Mountain Heart Gem Recover the Mountain Heart Gem XXP 35 Experience
Feed Bags Gather the Feed Bag that ways the same as the Gem
Hands of Mountain Heart Place the Feed bag in the Hands of the Mountain Heart



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses


Great River

2 Days N/A

Stars0 1350 XCoin | 2 Food

Stars1 1,650 XCoin | 2 Food

Stars2 ?

Stars3 ?

Stars4 ?

Stars5 ?

Stars1 400 XCoin

Stars2 500 XCoin

Stars3 600 XCoin

Stars4 800 XCoin

Stars5 1000 XCoin