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Holiday Escape is the 8th and final expedition in the West Pole Adventure. There are two secret locations hidden under blooming flowers on this map.

Item Quantity
Supplies 250
Food 3
Fuel 3
Water 3


Doors Open!

  • Use the First Lever.
  • Use the Second Lever.
  • Use the Third Lever.

Present Push

Melt The Ice

  • Ask Friends for 10 Books of Matches.
  • Collect 20 Pieces of Coal.
  • Destroy 10 Ice Sculptures by Melting them.



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards

Holiday Escape

5 Days N/A

Stars0.png600 XCoin.png3 XFoodNoBack.png

Stars1.png1200 XCoin.png5 XFoodNoBack.png

Stars2.png1400 XCoin.png8 XFoodNoBack.png

Stars3.png1800 XCoin.png12 XFoodNoBack.png

Stars4.png2200 XCoin.png15 XFoodNoBack.png

Stars5.png2800 XCoin.png20 XFoodNoBack.png