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Scientific Survey is the first expedition in the Zoology series and will help you to build Emily's Zoology Tent by providing you some parts.

The enemies are quick snakes and have level 6 and 6HP and Bush Snakes (hidden in bushes) with level 6 and less than 4HP. There are at least 2 Dynamite Rocks.


Item Quantity
Supplies 100
Food 2
Fuel 2
Water 2


The Jungle Provides (150XP)

  • Ask friends for 12 Tough Vines to build bridges.
  • Build 6 vine bridges to recover supplies.
  • Recover 6 Zoology Caches.

Frontiers of Science (75XP)

  • Collect 9 Outpost Materials.
  • Use 8 Tent Sites to build the outpost.
  • Use the Generator to power the outpost.

Flower Power (75XP)

  • Collect 5 Pink Flower Pollen.
  • Collect 5 Blue Flower Pollen.
  • Collect 5 Orange Flower Pollen.
  • Use Medicine Table to Make Mixtures.



Time Limit Maximum Rewards

Scientific Survey

5 Days

Stars1.png150 XCoin.png5 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars2.png250 XCoin.png8 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars3.png350 XCoin.png12 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars4.png500 XCoin.png15 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars5.png700 XCoin.png20 XWaterNoBack.png

Scientific Survey