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Sinister Siege is the 8th expedition in Riddle of the Sphinx. As with the other expeditions in this serie this expedition does not use any requirements (food, water or fuel). You get 7 days to complete this expedition. The enemies are mainly Cobra (level 8, HP=8) and Scorpions (level 8, HP=8). There are two secret locations and you need a priest key to open each of them.


The Nose Knows

  • Ask friends for 15 Prof. McGillicuddy's Shnoz Cement. (Direct Request)
  • Climb up the Sphinx.
  • Repair the Nose of the Sphinx.
  • Enter the Door of the Sphinx.

More Explosions!

  • Ask friends for 12 McGullicuddy's Nitroglycerin. (Wall post)
  • Use 3 Jeeps to rig Nitroglycerin, then run!
  • Use 3 Motorcycles to rig with Nitroglycerin, then run!

That's Just Mean

  • Destroy 3 Blueberry Snow Cone Carts.
  • Destroy 3 Raspberry Snow Cone Carts.
  • Destroy 3 Lemon Snow Cone Carts.
  • Light 10 Campfires to heat the Mercenaries.



Time Limit Maximum Rewards

Sinister Siege

7 Days

Stars1.png 150 XCoin.png | 5 Ankh Glyphs

Stars2.png 250 XCoin.png | 5 Ankh Glyphs

Stars3.png 350 XCoin.png | 5 Ankh Glyphs

Stars4.png 500 XCoin.png | 5 Ankh Glyphs

Stars5.png 700 XCoin.png | 5 Ankh Glyphs