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Snowy Forest is the fourth expedition in the West Pole Adventure and was launched for Christmas 2011. You need to complete the previous three expeditions to be able to play this expedition. The map is, as is the rest of the West Pole Adventure, adjusted to a snowy atmosphere with ornaments instead of vases and Snow Snakes instead of ordinary snakes. The enemies in this map are Snow Snakes with level 17 and have 8HP. There are 2 secret locations in this map and rusty keys are needed to open these.


Pole Position (150XP)

  • Ask friends for 10 Pole Polish
  • Recover the first Pole Piece
  • Recover the second Pole Piece
  • Rebuild the West Pole

Ken's Holiday Gift (50XP)

  • Disarm or use the Blue Spike Trap
  • Disarm or use the Green Spike Trap
  • Disarm or use the Red Spike Trap

Ice to meet you (50XP)

  • Ask for 10 Ice-B-Gone
  • Destroy 10 Icicles by melting them with Ice-B-Gone



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses

Snowy Forest

5 Days N/A

Stars0.png ? XCoin.png|? XWaterNoBack.png

Stars1.png 600 XCoin.png|5 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars2.png 700 XCoin.png|8 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars3.png 900 XCoin.png|12 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars4.png 1100 XCoin.png|15 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars5.png 1400 XCoin.png|20 XWaterNoBack.png

Stars1.png ? XCoin.png

Stars2.png ? XCoin.png

Stars3.png ? XCoin.png

Stars4.png ? XCoin.png

Stars5.png ? XCoin.png