The Cave of DoomEdit

On September 28th Zynga released a new Expedition in Adventure World. It is called The Cave of Doom. You will have to finish 3 Quests to complete the Expedition. This is part of the Indiana Jones Series


Quests Edit

Rub that Stone Goals Rewards
XMesoSimonPuzzle Solve the first puzzle to drop the West Wall 75 XP
XMesoSimonPuzzle Solve the second puzzle to drop the East Wall
XMesoSimonPuzzle Use the two stone halfs to push them together
XMediumStandingStone Use the rejoined stone to take a rubbing

Find the Theives Documents Goals Rewards
XEvilPapers Recover the first set of papers 25 XP
XEvilPapers Recover the second set of papers
XEvilPapers Recover the third set of papers
XEvilPapers Recover the fourth set of papers

Disarm the Thieves Explosive Traps

Goals Rewards
XPliers Get Pliers 25 XP
XMagnifyingGlass Collect the Magnifying Glass
XTntCrate Use Explosives to Disarm Them



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses


The Cave of Doom

2 Days N/A

Stars0 000 XCoin | 2 Oil

Stars1 200 XCoin | 5 Oil

Stars2 ?

Stars3 ?

Stars4 ?

Stars5 ?

Stars1 400 XCoin

Stars2 500 XCoin

Stars3 600 XCoin

Stars4 800 XCoin

Stars5 1000 XCoin