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The Gauntlet is an expedition in Chapter 1: The Secrets of El Dorado and is available as soon as you reach level 31. The map is an El Dorado type of map.

Time Allowed 3days


Item Quantity
Supplies 5400
Food 5
Fuel 5
Water 5


Brave the Gauntlet

  • Go past 4 Log Traps (try to disarm them first!).
  • Investigate the Treasure Room.
  • Break 3 Treasure Room Stone Blocks.
  • Get 3 Azure Skulls.

Disarm Alarm

  • Collect 15 Thorn Branches.
  • Repair 3 Log Trap Disarms.

Investigate Statues

  • Clear 3 Ensnared Jaguar Statues.
  • Investigate 3 Ensnared Jaguar Statues.



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards

The Gauntlet

3 Days N/A

Stars0.png 800 XCoin.png|5 XOilNoBack.png

Stars1.png 1600 XCoin.png60 XOilNoBack.png

Stars2.png 1800 XCoin.png80 XOilNoBack.png

Stars3.png 2200 XCoin.png100 XOilNoBack.png

Stars4.png 2600 XCoin.png120 XOilNoBack.png

Stars5.png 3200 XCoin.png150 XOilNoBack.png