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This page contains information about Unreleased Content, which may be inaccurate or change over time.


  • If these are already in the game let me know!
  • Machete 5 and Machete 6
  • Whip 5 and 6
  • Pickaxe 5 and 6
  • Net
  • Indiana Jones - October
  • Chapter 2 + 3
  • Skills
Machete 5 Machete 6 Whip 5 Whip 6 Pickaxe 5 Pickaxe 6
XMachete5.png XMachete6.png XWhip5.png XWhip6.png XPickaxe5.png XPickaxe6.png
Net Skill Bar Dodge Beasties Dodge Traps Double Goods Skill Drop
XNet.png XSkillBar.png XSkillDodgeBeasties.png XSkillDodgeTraps.png XSkillDoubleGoods.png XSkillDrop.png
Skill Dynamite Skill Eagle Skill Energy Skillet Grappling Hook Skill Hoovers
XSkillDynamite.png XSkillEagle.png XSkillEnergy.png XSkillet.png XSkillGrapplingHook.png XSkillHoovers.png
Machete Discount Machete Speed Machete Storm Pickaxe Speed Skill Net Pitch In
XSkillMacheteDiscount.png XSkillMacheteSpeed.png XSkillMacheteStorm.png XSkillMPickaxeSpeed.png XSkillNet.png XSkillPitchIn.png
Skill Power Skill Run Speed Skill Sneak Skill Stun Skill Treasure Treasure Finder
XSkillPower.png XSkillRunSpeed.png XSkillSneak.png XSkillStun.png XSkillTreasure.png XSkillTreasureFinder.png
Egypt: Chapter 2 Tibet: Chapter 3
XTravelEgypt.png No Image