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World Map[]

In Adventure World there are many loctations that you can travel to. In the first Chapter you can travel across Mexico to El Dorado. To do that though you must obtain 4 idols that will allow you to then go to El Dorado. Finding these 4 Idols are not easy. To obtain them you will have finish Quests and Puzzels.

Central America[]

Chapter 1: The secret of El Dorado

XMapMesoVillage.png Base Camp[]

XMapMesoJungle.png Deep Jungle[]

XMapMesoMountain.png Mountain[]

XMapMesoCavern.png Cavern[]

XMapMesoVolcano.png Volcano[]

XMapMesoTemple.png El Dorado[]


Chapter 2: Riddle of the Sphinx


Chapter 3: Secret of the Yeti